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Can We Trust Brigade Visas or Not ?

What is Brigade Visas? We have to first answer that question before we can say if we trust it or not. Brigade Visas is a Best Overseas Consultancy in Hyderabad company based in India that specialises in helping clients to acquire work visas in countries like Canada, Denmark and others which are listed in the company’s website. It brands itself as an immigration consultant to be exact.

Best Overseas Consultancy in Hyderabad

How exactly does it operate? First a client will have to set an appointment with them and give his/her profile to the company and the company will then check and see if the client can get a job in one of the countries that the company has listed in the website. The company will then float the resume of the client to employers in those countries and see if they would want to employ the client.

Best overseas consultancy in Hyderabad

Best overseas consultancy in Hyderabad

As stated in their very own website, the company is not affiliated with any immigration department of the countries that they listed for the client. This means that the company does not guarantee that the client will get a job in the country of his/her choice. What the company does is merely to facilitate the client in applying for a job in a chosen country and then tell the client what are the requirements of getting a work visa in that chosen country.

The company will also require the client to sign a contract with the company that signifies refund if the visa application to a certain country is denied. However, there are also circumstances that will not make the company refund the payment back to the client. This happens if the visa is denied to the client because of certain things that are the client’s own fault. An example would be that the client did not accept the prerequisites of the embassy of the chosen country that the client wants to go to. Another example is that the client has submitted deceptive documents to the company and the visa is being denied on such ground. There are also other exceptions and requirements that the client has to adhere to in the company’s website.

As of present, there has been no complaints been made yet by any unsatisfied client. This means that the company follows protocols of specific countries strictly and advises the clients well on the documentation needed for their work visas to be granted. There are reviews by clients on their website saying that they have successfully migrated to Canada and had obtained permanent resident status there (PR). There is also a review on the success of a client obtaining PR status in Denmark.

The company tries its best to be transparent to their clients by stating exactly what they do on their website. They also state what they need in order to successfully apply a visa for their clients on their website. As there are success stories by other clients and no complaints has been made yet, we can surely trust Brigade Visas a best overseas consultancy in Hyderabad.

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